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Grain Free Cookies

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I have been sitting on this bag of nut flour blend for a few months, so I gave it a go today and made cookies.

I simply followed the recipe on the back but made a few small changes. I only used half the sugar it called for and replaced the rest with stevia and I added cocoa nibs for more flavor and nutrition.

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Is Your Workplace Making You Fat?

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Candy dishes, cupcakes and cookies abound in the typical office, so if you're striving to eat healthy, the workplace can be a culinary minefield.

About one in four working adults get some food or beverages from work at least once a week. Many of those foods are high in calories, processed grains, and added sugar and salt.

The average worker eats about 1,300 calories of foods obtained at the office every week.

Foods consumed at work included those purchased from vending machines or cafeterias, as well as those eaten for free in common areas, meetings or worksite social events.

Among the top 10 items obtained at work -- either free or purchased -- were coffee, water, soft drinks, sandwiches and potato chips.

The highest calorie items people get at work -- free or purchased -- included pizza, soft drinks, sandwiches, chips, cookies, brownies, donuts, pastries and burgers.

Since many of these foods are free, workplaces can adopt healthy meeting policies that encourage healthy foods that are more in line with workplace wellness efforts. Workplace wellness programs are effective at reducing workplace costs and absenteeism.

It can be easy to underestimate the calories you eat at work. You don't think much about it if you grab a bag of chips in the break room, but that's 150 calories. And if you do it three or four days a week for months, those calories really start to add up.

And the ubiquitous office candy dish? You grab a pre-wrapped chocolate or two as you walk by and think nothing of the calories. But if you do that a few times every day, slowly those extra calories will put on the pounds.

If your office provides food in meetings, break rooms or a cafeteria, try to ask whoever does the ordering to include some healthy selections.

Also, just because cookies and other treats at work are free, it doesn't mean that you have to eat them.

It may be hard to turn down free food, but there are many days it's going to be someone's work anniversary or birthday. You don't have to eat something to celebrate with them.

It's easier to forgo office goodies if you're not hungry. If you're not hungry, you're more in control.


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