Exercising Fasted

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I never used to exercise on an empty stomach. As a rule, I put something in the tank 2 hours before a hike or lifting weights to make sure I didn't lose energy...or pass out. But it turns out that exercising in a fasted state worked for me. Instead of feeling light-headed, I had more energy and strength. I marched up that mountain on a mission or was able to lift heavier weights.
Major perk: Science shows that exercising in a fasted state can supercharge your body's fat-burning potential.
** Not everyone can exercise fasted due to blood sugar balance issues. So start with an easy work out and monitor how you feel. You may want to bring a small snack or even a hard candy in case you start to feel light headed.
**If you are starving immediately after exercise, you are not burning fat for fuel, just sugar in the blood stream. If after a work out you are not immediately hungry, you were in the fat burning zone. It will be normal to feel hungry in 30 to 60 minutes after the workout when all the fatty acids have cleared your system.

How to Order Healthy Sushi

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1. Avoid Tempura
2. Skip Spicy Rolls
3. Rethink Rice.. skip the rice and ask for rolls wrapped in thin cucumber (naruto roll) or seaweed or.... just ask for light rice.

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Convenient Dinner Options....

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Look for riced or spiraled veggies in your produce department for a fast, convenient and low carb dinner option. I really like that I can heat up marinara sauce and simply throw in the zucchini "noodles" and dinner is ready in minutes!

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I get to go to the gym, I get to eat healthy food today, I get to spend time with family and friends or I get to go to a job that I truly love..... mindset is everything.

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