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OKB bbq sauce is only 10 calories per serving and contains all natural ingredients. It is by far the tastiest and healthiest bbq sauce on the market. It can be hard to find at the grocery stores, but they do deliver!


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Am I Really Hungry?

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We eat for many reasons... hunger, stress, depression, boredom, socializing, holidays, anxiety, self harm, social acceptance and the list goes on.

Know you are not alone when it comes to using food for reasons other than true hunger.

The first step to conquer unhealthy eating habits is to journal. Write down the time, food eaten, hunger level and feelings.
You may notice certain triggers that set you off to eat mindlessly or binge.

Next, keep trigger foods out the house like chips or ice cream. It is easiest to not eat a food because it is not available versus trying to resist it when it is in the house.


Sugar Free = Chemicals

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It is so frustrating that the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (eatright.org) puts out advertisements for NON FOOD items like this sugar free syrup. This ad was on the back cover of a monthly magazine I receive as being a member of the academy. It is full of chemical laden and toxic food recommendations. Please be aware that most "diabetic" friendly foods are just full of chemicals and are not whole foods.

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Food Boredom....

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Food boredom is a major reason it can be difficult to stay on a path of whole food eating. Each week I will be sure to vary my protein and vegetable sources so I look forward to "new" meal.

Below was my "Thanksgiving dinner" last night.
Butternut squash mashed with butter and cinnamon, reduced sugar-home made cranberry sauce and turkey.

Each week pick one vegetable that you do not normally buy and try a new recipe. You may discover a new favorite.

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