Sugar in Common Foods

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A powerful visual as to why we need to limit grains, corn, potatoes and bananas for blood sugar control.

Tsp of Sugar in Food

The Connection of Inflammation and Pain

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Headaches, migraines, allergies, asthma, skin issues, joint pain, arthritis or IBS = inflammation = pain.
Most inflammation stems from your intestines as 80% of your immune system lines your GI tract.
LISTEN to your body communicate with you and know many pain issues stem from an unbalanced diet and GI inflammation.
The proper diet adjustment, supplementation and time can often heal with out prescription drugs.

IMG 0685

Produce Prep for the Week

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Every Monday I will prep a large salad for the week by chopping up greens, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, apples, peppers or any other veggies I have. I place it in a large bowl with a cover and I have my salads ready for lunch for the whole week. I also wash, dry and cut up my fruit and place in a covered bowl.
It is so convenient to prep some produce for the week so you can grab and go with out all the fuss of prepping very day.

IMG 0852-1

Breakfast Meatloaf

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It can be easy to get bored of eggs with the same preparation every day.
I had left over meatloaf from last night, so I cut a hole in the middle of the slice of meatloaf and dropped in the raw egg. To cook the top of the egg, I put a little water in the pan and covered to steam the egg.

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