The Power of Goal Setting

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A study done at Harvard Business School lookedat the importance of setting goals. They found 84% of graduates had no specific goals at all, 13% had goals but were not written down, and only 3% had clear written goals and a strategy to accomplish them.
The results were shocking – the 3% who had written goals and a strategy were earning on average 10x as much as the other 97% combined!
What is Your Why?
Your Why is that deep-down, personal motivation for what you do. Until you identify your Why, you won’t be able to get clear about your What.
For many of you, your Why may include having more energy, fitting into your clothes better, getting rid of elevated blood sugars or high cholesterol or to stop chronic GI issues.
Whatever the case, knowing your why is an incredibly powerful step in the journey toward achieving your goal.
3 Action Steps You Can Do This Week
1. Write down 3 specific goals you want to accomplish in the next 12 months. Be specific. You want your goals to be measurable (so you know when you’ve accomplished them), and include a due date.
2. Once you have that, for each goal identify and list 3-5 personal motivations for WHY this matters.(Why is it important to me? What is at stake if I don’t do this?”) You’re not listing tasks here. Your focus is on the Whys.
3. Prioritize the motivations from most to least important. Now, put your list in an easily accessible place so that you can review it weekly.

Happy 2018!

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Oh, the new year and resolutions. The most common resolutions are eating healthier, exercising and losing weight. The issue with such broad statement is there is no clear path how to attain these goals.

Start with one or two small concepts for a few weeks until they become habit and move on to the next few small changes.

What I will be focusing on for the month of January is no alcohol or grains of any kind. Plus, I will exercise daily, even if only for a walk.

By having small, easy to apply goals, you can get your self back on track.

So make a list of small changes and start with one or two.

Food and Your Immune System

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Addiction: Sugar vs Cocaine

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Research has identified a neural circuit that selectively controls compulsive sugar consumption, without preventing feeding necessary for survival, providing a potential target for therapeutic interventions for compulsive-overeating disorder.
This scientific data also suggests that for impulsive people, sugar may be no less addictive than other VTA-affecting substances, such as cocaine.
*Now in layman terms.....sugar STIMULATES the same part of the brain as cocaine or any other stimulant, causing cravings and addiction for the most part. Just remember you can get rid of sugar cravings! If you are struggling after the holidays, I am offering a 10% discount on any of my services for the month of January. Just mention this new year's special for your discount.
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