Friday Funny....

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Pesticides in Produce

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The following produce has the highest level of pesticides and should be purchased organic to reduce your overall pesticide load from your food.




Cherry Tomatoes









Summer Squash

Sweet Bell Peppers

Fasting Diet

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In the perfect world, we would eat at 9:00 am, 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm. This would allow your dinner to be digested by 9:00 pm and the fat burning mechanism would turn on. This would allow you 12 hours of fat burning to help weight loss, weight control and longevity. Over feeding is not only an issue with weight gain, but also sickness, disease and a shortened life span. This is a simple way to fast or you can skip a breakfast or dinner once in awhile to trigger your fat burning.d9228b8bb91122b

Discounts at the Grocery Store

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It can be more expensive when trying to buy healthier, whole food items like meat and produce. Did you know you can ask the butcher and the produce department to mark down the food on the day of or the day before the "sell by date"?
I was able to buy this chicken for only $4.60 and I also bought a steak that was originally $23.11, marked down to $12.23 and then 30% off.... for a total of $8.56!
If you find out what days they deliver meat and produce, then you can shop when the food is getting close to the sell by date. Don't be embarrassed to ask because they will be throwing it in the trash any way. Happy shopping!


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