What's in the Fridge?

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The first step to improving your food intake and your health is nutrition education, application (practice) and consistency.

The next step may be learning why you eat. Do you turn to food when you are stressed, bored, sad, lonely, frustrated or looking for something to do?

Evaluating why you eat can be just as important as the education itself and remember you are not alone in your struggles with food.unnamed

Modern Market

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I am so happy that a Modern Market has opened very close to me. I like how the menu and receipt shows the calories in the food and I love the term "nutricate"....to nutritionally educate.1

Produce Box Examples

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A few more examples of how I used my produce box this week.

My favorite was using a zucchini and spaghetti squash to make a zucchini, mushroom and turkey marinara sauce over the spaghetti squash.

Carotenes or Xanthophylls

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Carotenes or Xanthophylls

Have you ever considered why it is important to eat a variety of produce daily?
Each color (pigment) in fruits and vegetables has scientific names and various functions to improve our health.
Orange, pinks, reds and yellows are called carotenes or xanthophylls. Our bodies will break these down into carotene to produce Vitamin A.
Vitamin A helps with vision, immune system, reproduction and helps most organs to function.
Try to aim for at least four different colors of produce per day, with the major focus on vegetables.

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