Friday Funny....

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Autumn's Gold

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This is my new favorite bar. So far I know they are at Costco and on Amazon.
It has only 8 grams of net carbs and 22 grams of protein and fat. A well balanced and whole food snack bar!

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5 Tips for Eating Healthy on a Budget

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1. Pay with cash—not credit
Many of us have gotten into the habit of swiping a card. So, imagine not being able to spend more than you have. If your budget is $60, take three crisp Andrew Jackson’s out of your wallet and leave your credit card at home.
2. Use the calculator on your phone to your budget’s advantage
Before you grab a shopping basket, go ahead and enter your spending limit into your smartphone’s calculator. Then, as you add each item to your cart, subtract its cost from the original number. When you hit zero, that’s game over. Seeing what’s left will caution you from adding those extras in and keeping with the essentials.
3. Split up expensive pantry staples over the course of several weeks
On the rare occasion when you run out of olive oil, almond butter and nuts in the same week, I recommend planning these restocks over the course of a month rather than purchasing them all at the same time. Coconut oil on the first Sunday of the month, protein powder on the second and so on.
4. Shop price per unit
Not every grocery store gives you this option (sorry, Trader Joe’s shoppers!), but the majority of national chains will list the price per unit on the tag sealed in plastic beneath a given food item. Many times, larger packages or containers are cheaper per serving, but this isn’t always the case. However, buying a huge crate of apples may save you a few cents per fruit, but consider whether you’ll eat them before they turn to mush. Getting a tub of yogurt, for example, may be cheaper but only if you eat at least half the container.
5. When things are on sale, buy them in bulk and freeze them
When one of your mainstays is on sale, that’s the perfect excuse to stock up. If it’s something perishable, just make sure to pop it into the freezer with a timestamp. That way, you can thaw and eat blueberries when your local store has hiked the prices way up....

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